Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a diagnosis of Autism to attend the St. Nicholas Center?

No, St. Nicholas Center provides services to children with varying diagnoses.

How long will my child need ABA therapy?

Each child grows and learns at a different rate. Our goal is to help your child reach the levels of his/her typically developing peers. How long that takes varies by each individual. The number of hours of therapy and the level of involvement by care givers and those in the child’s natural environment affect the rate of growth.

How many hours of therapy do you recommend for my child?

The number of hours recommended for each child will vary based on his/her needs. For early learners and those who need intensive intervention, we recommend at least 10 hours a week for each child. Most families choose to have their child come for a 2 hour block Monday through Friday.

What hours do you offer therapy?

We are open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. for therapy. Therapy generally occurs in 2 hour blocks. However, schedules vary depending on the need of the child and family.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we do accept insurance. Families whose insurance does not cover ABA can apply for a sliding fee scale. We also provide families several fundraising opportunities throughout the year which can be used to subsidize costs.

Who will be working 1:1 with my child?

Our staff consists of qualified professionals from education, psychology, sociology, and other related areas who have been trained in the methods of ABA-based therapy.

How do I apply for services?

Contact us via e-mail by clicking  on the contact us tab of this web site or call us at 337-491-0800.