“Without St. Nicholas Center for Children and the day-in and day-out therapy and hard work of everyone involved we wouldn’t have our Asher back. We know he will do amazing things in life and we are so proud of his accomplishments. What an amazing story of bravery this little man will have to tell when he’s old enough to realize how truly amazing he is. We are forever indebted to St. Nicholas Center for Children.”

“After beginning full-time therapy at St. Nicholas Center for Children, we saw Olivia transform from only being able to say one work to speaking full sentences. She just completed kindergarten where she learned how to read and write. St. Nicholas Center for Children offered us relief. They gave us hope.”

“From the moment we stepped into St. Nicholas Center for Children we knew that it was exactly where Hunter needed to be. The Center has become a place of hope, a place of understanding, and a second family for us. Hunter is challenged, encouraged, and loved every day. The treatment and superior services he has received continues to change not only his life, but our lives as a family. St. Nicholas Center for Children has given our son a voice, and for that we will be forever grateful.”


Shayne Laughlin – President

Vickie Anderson

Stephanie Helms

William Rachal

Marybeth Sonnier